Annali di Storia delle Università italiane - Volume 5 (2001)

Il Punto

Giuseppe Ricuperati
On the recent history of Italian universities: reforms, disruptions and open problems

[Italian version]



The essay traces the problems faced by Italian Universities from Unification to the present day and is informed by the assumption that such a complex institution has an inner historicity which transformation processes must measure themselves by if they are not to run the risk of failure. For 30 odd years the author has championed university reform but has seen it achieved only in part. Serious limitations emerged regarding in particular the Humanities Faculties. These, more then others, were affected by pressures associated with the move towards greater autonomy, the lack of planning, the loss of professional identity, the creation of increasingly unlikely intellectual specializations. All of which threatened to impact negatively on the field of theoretical research which, in any case, was seen as a subordinate part of teaching. While the author agrees with some of the criticism aimed at these transformation processes, he also offers some alternatives for improvement.






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