Annali di Storia delle Università italiane - Volume 5 (2001)


Irma Naso
"Licentia et doctoratus". Academic degrees at the University of Turin between XV-XVIth century

[Italian version]



A brief look at the state of the sources for the study of graduate work at the University of Turin in the XVth and XVIth centuries is followed by a more detailed examination of actual academic work - the licentia and doctoratus. For this purpose, the author draws on the text of statutes of the various doctoral colleges in the different subjects. Analysis of a series of 15th-century doctoral theses, compiled by church notaries and preserved in the archiepiscopal Archives in Turin, shows how it was common to take, at one and the same time, the "licenza" (after having sat the tough exam) and the "dottorato", together with its sombre ceremony and traditional doctoral symbols. The work seems to confirm the prevalence of degrees in law.

A list of graduates for the period 1497-1512 provides a series of interesting quantitative data. An average of 11 degrees were awarded per year with a marked preference for legal studies. Geographically speaking, transalpine graduates (most of whom in the early 16th century were English) were in a minority with most of the students being cismontane, recruited locally.






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