Annali di Storia delle Università italiane - Volume 5 (2001)


Alberto Lupano
The canonist School at the University of Turin from the 1700s to the liberal period

[Italian version]



The Turin canonist school was established in the early part of the XVIIIth in the wake of the great University reform instigated by king Vittorio Amedeo II. Mario Agostino Campiani, a student of Gian Vincenzo Gravina and awarded a chair in canonical law at the University of Turin, gave a distinctive historical-philological orientation to teaching focused on the analysis of legal sources. This focus was pursued by Campiani's successors, though with more legal content which continued to inform the teaching of the subalpine canonists till the mid-XIX century. Giovanni Nepomuceno Nuytz was the last holder of the chair in canonic law and his philosophy recapitulated all the learning of his predecessors and the Turin school.






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