Annali di Storia delle Università italiane - Volume 5 (2001)


Silvano Montaldo
Universities, professions, public employment (1840-1859)

[Italian version]



The essay examines the student population at the University of Turin between 1814-1860, using data from enrolment and graduate lists and comparing them with pre-Unification demographic structures in Piedmont. Alongside a sharp growth in the university population, elements of continuity with the previous period can be seen together with signs of change such as the greater circulation of students and the presence in Turin of students from other Italian states during the Cavour period. The Savoia policy towards universities which at first sought to promote higher education with a view to renewing the bureaucracy that had been inherited from the Napoleonic period soon changed tack. It turned instead to putting a brake on the growth in the number of graduates who after the 1820 movement were seen as politically dangerous. Access to the professions became easier since it was slightly less dependent on the inheritance factor. However, at the same time, there was no real chance of upward mobility since many of the graduates belonged to the middle classes which had consolidated in the period under French rule thanks to the ownership of land and property.






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